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IDEA MODIS AOD (Terra) GOES Eastern Infrared Image

Cherry Mountain Observatory Real-Time Weather

CMO Boltwood Cloud Sensor

CMO All-Sky Camera (Oculus w/ custom SW)

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Seeing Conditions via Putman Mountain Observatory Seeing Monitor


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(credit and thanks to Putman Mountain Observatory)

CMO Unihedron Sky Quality Meter (NELM) Graph

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CMO Clear Sky "Astronomer's Forecast"




Weather Underground Radar


NWS Radar Base Reflectivity (Mosaic-South Plains)


Eastern Texas Radar



AccuWeather Enhanced Infrared Texas


AccuWeather Radar/Satellite Combo


AccuWeather Visible Satellite


NOAA GOES Satellite: Visible


NOAA GOES Satellite: Shortwave (IR2)


NOAA GOES Satellite: Water Vapor (IR3)


NOAA GOES Satellite: Enhanced (Rainbow IR4)


Air Quality Forecast Guidance - East Texas (click image)


NOAA IR Satellite: National Water Vapor

AccuWeather South Central Water Vapor Animation

Current Solar Image from SOHO Space Obsevatory Telescope


Unisys 300mb Winds Aloft Loop (Seeing-Related Forecast)